Top 5 Real Estate Rockstars Podcasts for October 2017

The Real Estate Rockstars podcast is the best source for real estate strategies proven to help agents succeed. In October, guests discussed strategies for working with sellers, real estate farming, and much more. Check out the strategies shared in our top 5 real estate podcasts for October below.

562: Thrive in a Seller’s Market with Amanda Howard’s Systems for Supporting Agents

In a seller’s market, it’s not easy to win homeowners over. According to Amanda Howard, providing incredible service is the only way for agents to thrive in a seller’s market. To ensure her team’s agents are able to do this, she’s implemented several systems to support them. Her mentorship program, for example, helps new agents get up to speed so they’re able to start selling homes faster. Hear about her other systems and strategies so you’re able to exceed sellers’ expectations for better business in any market!

560: Feed Your Listing Business with Adam Long’s Proven Farming Methods

Adam Long from SmartZip is here to ensure you’re never starved for listings again! On this podcast, Adam and Pat discuss 3 farming trends that have changed the way successful agents build and maintain neighborhood farms. Adam explains how agents like you can use data to identify potential sellers before sharing SmartZip’s multi-touch technique for engaging prospects successfully. You’ll also hear the story of how Pat lost a listing to a new agent and learn what it taught him about real estate farming. If you want to cultivate new listings regularly from your own neighborhood farm, don’t miss this episode!

559: Supercharge Your Success by Changing Your Mindset with Maria Vitale

When Maria Vitale started in real estate, she was dealing with divorce and living in her mother’s basement. Now, just a few short years later, she’s selling luxury homes for Sotheby’s International Realty and earning huge commissions! Listen as Maria explains how making the mental decision to succeed affected her career and changed her life. Maria also shares the productivity habits that have helped her build a successful career while raising two very active boys. If you need some extra motivation and want advice on cultivating the right mindset for success, don’t miss this Real Estate Rockstars!

557: Save Thousands on Taxes with CPA Craig Cody’s Tax Strategies for Real Estate Agents

It’s not too late to implement strategies that could save you thousands on this year’s taxes! Pat sits down with tax coach and CPA Craig Cody to explore some of the best tax-planning strategies for agents. Craig shares some deductions agents absolutely should take advantage of along with one very important list: the ten most expensive tax mistakes made by real estate agents. If you want to pay the IRS less without worrying about potential repercussions, don’t miss this interview!

556: Hard Money Loans: Make More Commissions Working Investment Deals with Lender Ian Walsh

Make more commissions and more money working investment deals! As hard money lender Ian Walsh explains on this podcast, investor-friendly agents make money on the front and back ends of property deals. Plus, many real estate investors are buying and flipping multiple properties per year, which makes them one of the best sources of repeat business.

Ian offers expert insight on how hard money loans work so listeners are able to offer investors more value than the average real estate agent. Ian also shares his thoughts on what will happen to the flipping business in the next 24 months. If you want to make a name for yourself in one of real estate’s most profitable niches, don’t miss this Real Estate Rockstars!

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