Top 5 Real Estate Rockstars Podcasts for November 2017

Real Estate Rockstars hit 2,000,000 downloads during its biggest month ever! Our November guests covered several crucial real estate topics, including agent safety, partnership, and online advertising. If you haven’t already, listen to our top 5 real estate podcasts for November below.

570: Negotiate Insane Real Estate Deals Like Millionaire Mogul Anthony Lolli

Good negotiation skills often make the difference between a great real estate deal and no deal at all. Millionaire mogul Anthony Lolli joins us to discuss the negotiation tactics that helped him build the hugely successful Rapid Realty brokerage and made him a millionaire by the age of 23. Anthony offers his advice on negotiating different types of real estate deals, including property sales and property purchases. Learn the negotiation skills that make million-dollar deals happen on this Real Estate Rockstars!

569: Strengthen Sales with the Right Real Estate Partnership: Matt Donnelly and Mike Sroka

After building up their own teams for years, Matt Donnelly and Mike Sroka decided to merge and became partners. Ever since, they’ve achieved constant growth and have broken sales goals year after year. According to them, the right partnership means everything when it comes to building a successful business. Listen as they share what it takes to make a partnership work, including what to look for in a potential business partner. If you’re considering real estate partnership, don’t miss this episode of Real Estate Rockstars!

573: Facebook Ad Mistakes That Ruin Real Estate Agents’ ROI with Evans Putman

Facebook advertising is a low-cost, high-value alternative to other forms of online marketing – when it’s done right. Unfortunately, the majority of real estate agents do it wrong and are missing out on major returns. If you don’t want to miss out, listen carefully to this podcast with marketing expert Evans Putman. During the interview, he shares 4 big mistakes agents make when doing Facebook ads. Evans and Pat also discuss several strategies agents can use to immediately improve the results of their ad campaigns. Plus, there’s a special offer at the end of the episode you won’t want to miss!

574: $2 Million GCI in Two Years: How Chris Craddock Put His Team on the Fast Track to Success

Want to put your real estate team on the fast track to millions in GCI? Real Estate Rockstar Chris Craddock is here to tell you how. In its first two years, Chris’ Redux Realty team generated over $2 million in GCI. This year, it’s on track for even higher production numbers and is beating out bigger teams in the Virginia market for listings. Listen as Chris shares his team’s training and sales strategies, including how his agents convert buyers better than anyone else. If you want to boost your business volume quickly, don’t miss this episode!

572: Son of Slain Broker Beverly Carter Speaks Out on Agent Safety: Carl Carter’s Mission

Carl Carter’s mother, a successful real estate broker, was taken too soon. In September of 2014, Beverly Carter went to show a couple of potential buyers a house. Little did she know, the husband and wife who claimed to be interested in the home were actually planning to kidnap her for ransom. When things didn’t work out for them as planned, they murdered Beverly.

Now, years later, Carl is still haunted by this terrible event. He’s made it his mission to prevent similar tragedies by promoting safer agent practices. On this podcast, he joins Pat to share advice on meeting new clients, offer recommendations on safety apps, and discuss the topic of agent safety in detail. This is an incredibly important episode of Real Estate Rockstars. Please don’t miss it.

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