Top 5 Real Estate Rockstar Radio Podcasts for August 2017

Push your profits to the next level with the strategies shared in August’s top episodes of Real Estate Rockstars! Guests on the Pat Hiban podcast detailed their methods for generating pre-sold leads with online reviews, getting rich in real estate, and more. If you haven’t heard last month’s top 5 Real Estate Rockstar Radio podcasts, you can listen to them below.

539: Pull Pre-Sold Leads into Your Funnel 24/7 Using Online Reviews with Evans Putman

Want pre-sold real estate leads flowing into your sales funnel day and night? Utilize online reviews effectively and previous clients will sell you to prospective clients with minimal effort on your part. Internet marketing expert Evans Putman joins us on this value-packed episode of Real Estate Rockstars to explain exactly how agents can maximize their online reviews’ reach and impact!

530: Generate Millions in Production Monthly with Adam Hergenrother’s Real Estate Expansion Model

Discover how expansion mastermind Adam Hergenrother created an empire that generates millions of dollars in production monthly on this episode of Real Estate Rockstars! Adam joins us for the second time to discuss the specific strategies that have made his businesses and his expansion efforts so successful since his last interview with Pat.

535: Sell 100% of Your Listings with Amy Broghamer

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sell 100% of your listings? Facebook-famous listing agent Amy B. sells 100% of her listings and she joins us to share some tips and tricks so you can too! Listen and learn how you should manage each listing, from prequalification to closing, for optimum results. Also, hear how to get clients on board with your pricing strategy so you’re not fighting a losing battle with buyers.

532: Dean Graziosi: Acquire Wealth and Achieve Your Dreams with Millionaire Success Habits

Dean Graziosi, one of the most-watched success trainers in the world, joins us to inspire listeners and guide them toward achieving their dreams. Dean’s latest book, Millionaire Success Habits, explores the habits of highly successful people and explains how anyone can establish these habits to obtain happiness and acquire wealth. In addition to sharing a few of these habits during the interview, Dean offers profound, practical advice on becoming a better salesperson.

531: From Farm Boy to Self-Made Millionaire: How Rock Thomas Got Rich in Real Estate

Self-made millionaire Rock Thomas learned the value of hard work growing up on a farm. As an adult, he applied his solid work ethic in his personal and professional life to build healthy financial habits and implement proven wealth-building strategies. Your Epic Life Blueprint, Rock’s latest book, details exactly what these habits and strategies were so more people are able to build wealth like he did. Hear about them on this episode of Real Estate Rockstars!

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