Top 5 Real Estate Rockstars Podcasts for January 2018

Real Estate Rockstars started 2018 off strong with some of its best episodes for listing agents yet! All of January’s top podcasts featured agents at the top of their listing game, and these guests were happy to share their success strategies with Rockstar Nation. If you want to sell more homes in 2018, make sure you listen to each of the top 5 real estate podcasts for January below.

596: Close a Minimum of One Deal per Week as a Solo Agent with Brittiny Howard

Are you struggling to close one or more deals per month as a solo agent? That’s about to change! On this Real Estate Rockstars, Brittiny Howard shares the tips and tricks that helped her close a minimum of one deal per week as a new solo agent. Not only does Brittiny break her powerful prospecting process down for listeners, she explains the most important thing to do with a Zillow lead. Plus, other important issues, like agent safety, are discussed on today’s show. Don’t miss it!

595: Become a Better Salesperson in 2018: Jeb Blount’s Prospecting Tips and Goals for Agents

Make 2018 your real estate business’ best year yet by setting solid sales goals and implementing better prospecting practices – author, speaker, and sales expert Jeb Blount will tell you what it takes. Listen as he shares the key to circle prospecting, his complete 5-step prospecting process, and tips on leaving cold voicemail messages. Jeb also covers how to set goals and several strategies for holding yourself accountable to them. If you take Jeb’s advice to heart, you and your business will achieve serious success this year.

594: Get a $55 Million Volume Boost by Showing Sellers Evidence of Success with Kris Weaver

In just one year, Kris Weaver’s volume jumped from $145 million to over $200 million. Want to hear how? Turn up today’s Real Estate Rockstars and find out! Listen as Kris covers what changed (and what didn’t) the year his team incorporated the Sotheby’s International Realty brand. Also, in addition to sharing how his team leverages evidence of success to win over sellers, Kris explains how he trains and motivates his agents. With nearly 100% of his brand-new agents hitting impressive production figures their first year, you won’t want to miss the rundown on his team’s onboarding process.

598: Have Fun Drumming Up Business: Why Greg McDaniel Loves Lead Generation

Get ready to feast on some real meat and potatoes with prospecting master Greg McDaniel! Not only is Greg great at bringing in new leads, he actually loves the process. Here’s why: instead of constantly cold calling leads for hours on end, he throws professional parties and invites his database. Greg also hosts his own podcast, creates weekly videos, and mentors new agents. Basically, Greg does what it takes to bring in new business AND have fun doing it. If you’re ready to start loving your job while getting an insane amount of new clients, listen and learn from Greg on today’s Real Estate Rockstars.

600: Suffering from Buyer Burnout? Start Focusing on Listings like Trish Williams

Are you suffering from buyer burnout? Listing agent Trish Williams had the same problem until the day she decided to start focusing on listings. Now, just one year later, Trish has more free time and makes more money than she ever did with buyers. Even better, she has more control over her business and her life. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Trish shares what it was like transitioning from buyers to sellers and offers tips to buyer’s agents who want to do the same. If buyers are burning you out, you need to hear this podcast!

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