Generate Hot Leads with Real Estate Facebook Ads

When done right, real estate Facebook ads are cheaper and more effective than most other forms of online marketing. When done wrong, however, your ROI will be just as bad as it would be with any other ill-conceived ad campaign.

Marketing expert Evans Putman recently appeared on Pat Hiban’s Real Estate Rockstars to explain how agents can do a better job generating leads with Facebook ads.

To learn about the mistakes that ruin agents’ ROI for Facebook ads, listen to the podcast below.

Learn More About Real Estate Facebook Ads

Once you’ve heard the complete podcast interview with Evans Putman, be sure to check out this free video made specifically for listeners – it’ll help you raise your average sale price with one simple online strategy. Clicking that link is also the only way to receive the podcast listeners discount for Rebus University’s Facebook Ad Certification Course.

Other Facebook Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Interested in other ways to get more real estate business with Facebook? There are plenty of strategies out there, and we’ve covered several of them on our blog. To get started with any of them, you’ll need to build a Facebook page.

After that, experiment with a Facebook strategy that fits your needs best.

Does your business need better buyer leads? Learn these proven Facebook strategies for generating buyer leads.

Want to start selling your listings faster? Marketing listings with Facebook Live 360 is one way to get compelling listing ads in front of more potential buyers – it’s also cheap and easy to pull off!

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