How to Negotiate Real Estate Deals Like a Millionaire Mogul

Millionaire mogul Anthony Lolli clearly knows how to negotiate real estate deals. His negotiation skills helped him earn over one million dollars in real estate by the age of 23.

The basic idea behind Anthony’s negotiation strategies can be summed up in a single word: leverage. When buying or selling property, leveraging information is the key to getting a great deal.

Learn what this information is and exactly how Anthony negotiates real estate deals by listening to the podcast below.

Download Anthony’s Book: The Heart of the Deal

After you’ve listened to the complete podcast interview with Anthony Lolli, be sure to sign up for our Agent Success Toolbox. In it, the electronic version of Anthony’s book, The Heart of the Deal, is available for download. Plus, you’ll find a wealth of other free real estate resources, including scripts, marketing materials, and more.

More Resources for Working with Buyers and Sellers

Don’t forget that the ability to negotiate real estate deals isn’t the only thing you have to offer clients. Both buyers and sellers benefit from their agents’ industry expertise.

If you work with buyers, education is incredibly important, especially when working with first-time home buyers. When home buyers don’t know enough about the home-buying process, they’re far more likely to make poor purchasing decisions that could impact them negatively for years.

For sellers, competent real estate marketing is absolutely invaluable. If you’re a listing agent, ensure you’re doing everything you can to market listings online for maximum exposure. Getting clients’ homes out in front of as many potential buyers as possible is the best way to sell them quickly and for top dollar.

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