Unique Ways to Market Real Estate Listings Online for Maximum Exposure

How do you market real estate listings? Do you utilize multiple marketing methods to ensure as many people as possible see them? If not, you’re probably not getting as many listings as you could be or selling the ones you do get for top dollar.

Generate more interest in your sellers’ homes and other sellers will be more interested in your services. Your listings will also generate bigger, better offers.

Read on to discover some unique ways to market listings online for maximum exposure.

Why It’s Important to Market Real Estate Listings

Getting sellers the best offers possible is obviously one of the reasons for marketing real estate listings thoroughly. If that’s your only reason for marketing listings, however, you’re not thinking about the big picture.

In a way, a real estate listing is a form of marketing in itself. Even poorly marketed listings tend to get buyers’ attention. By maximizing your listings’ exposure via multiple forms of marketing, you ensure that they’re likely to catch the eyes of potential clients as well as buyers.

Ways to Market Real Estate Listings Online

The Internet has changed real estate marketing. Not only are agents now able to reach a much wider audience, they’re able to connect with buyers and potential clients in more meaningful ways.

Obviously, you should still utilize old-school marketing methods if they’re working well for you. However, your listings surely aren’t getting as much attention as they could be if you’re not taking advantage of new online marketing methods as well.

Here are some unique ways to market listings online for maximum exposure:

Shoot Videos

Video marketing is an extremely powerful tool, and it’s perfectly suited for marketing real estate listings. Not only can you highlight your listings’ best features with video, you can easily share the videos you shoot via social media.

For video ideas and a recommendation for an app that makes shooting listing videos effortless, listen to this podcast with broker Ben Bacal.

Write Blogs

There are a couple of reasons why blog posts can be great as a form of supplemental marketing for listings. First, you can post almost anything in a blog, including photos and videos. Second, unlike written advertisements, there aren’t any limitations regarding length. You’ll never have to skip an important listing detail when writing a blog!

Run Targeted Ads

It doesn’t matter how good your videos and blogs are if no one sees them. Putting some advertising dollars behind your listing content will help ensure that the time you invest in it really pays off.

To keep advertising costs low, consider running targeted advertisements in order to put your listings in front of just the people who matter most.

Explore More Ways to Market Real Estate Listings

Want even more ways to market real estate listings? Check out our blog’s marketing section; it contains a wide variety of marketing posts, including one on how to sell listings faster with Facebook Live 360.

Finally, be sure to check out The Top 5 Marketing Ideas for Leads, Listings, and Lifelong Clients.

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