Become the Best Real Estate Agent You Can Be in 2018

Want to become the best real estate agent you can be this year? Well, as the saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Author, speaker, and sales expert Jeb Blount recently appeared on Real Estate Rockstars to help listeners uncover ways to become better salespeople. He shared some valuable prospecting tips and even identified goal-setting strategies agents can use to hit new heights in 2018.

To hear all of this and more, listen to the complete podcast below.

Hear Jeb’s Suggestions on Becoming a Better Salesperson

Don’t miss Pat’s podcast interview with Jeb Blount. In addition to Jeb’s suggestions on becoming a better salesperson, you’ll hear how to set good business goals and learn ways to hold yourself accountable to them.

Oh, and don’t forget to grab your free copy of Jeb’s goal-planning guide from our Agent Success Toolbox!

Become the Best Real Estate Agent Possible with RU

Rebus University has plenty of resources for hungry agents like you who want more sales and more success.

These resources aren’t always what you’d expect. This podcast with the author of Resucceed, James Colburn, describes the Epic Evening Ritual. According to James, this simple five-minute practice has the power to push you toward a more fulfilling life and a better career.

If you’re eager to become the best real estate agent as quickly as possible, sign up for a Rebus University All-Access Pass. With it, you’ll have unlimited access to all of RU’s top-rated real estate courses. You’ll even gain free access to upcoming courses upon launch!

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