Agent Accountability: The Key to Real Estate Success

The road to real estate success is filled with obstacles. One of these obstacles, poor accountability, has crushed countless careers in this industry. Still, no one wants to talk about it.


The answer is simple – most agents don’t want to admit that their own accountability needs major improvement. Before finally accepting that their personal practices are holding them back, they have to fail. Agent Aaron Wittenstein knows this all too well.

Aaron’s first team had to completely fall apart before he was ready to take a hard look in the mirror. Now, with the help of his coach Andy Scherer, Aaron’s able to hold himself accountable and is hitting higher production numbers than ever before.

Stop standing in the way of your own success. Listen to the podcast with Aaron and Andy below and learn how to start holding yourself accountable.

Boost Your Accountability with Coaching from Andy!

Once you’ve heard the podcast interview with Aaron and Andy, check out Pillar 9 Coaching. You’ll find tips on improving your personal accountability practices as well as information on Pillar 9 Coaching’s approach and philosophies. You can even schedule a free 1-hour coaching session!

More Resources for Your Real Estate Success

Want even more resources for real estate success?

Start with our 3-step plan for becoming a real estate millionaire; it covers the mindset, the system, and the actions required to make millions in this industry.

After that, listen to Pat’s podcast interview with Ryan Snow. In it, Ryan shares how agents can maximize their morning productivity for a more successful business with tidbits from his book, The Miracle Morning for Salespeople.

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