Top 5 Real Estate Rockstar Radio Podcasts for June 2017

June was a great month for Real Estate Rockstars, with incredible guests offering invaluable advice in every single episode. Certain episodes were especially awesome, however, and the number of times they were downloaded reflects that. Check out the top 5 most-downloaded episodes of the Pat Hiban podcast for June below!

509: Create and Convert Hot Leads Without Making Cold Calls: Steve Jolly’s Highly Effective Digital Marketing Techniques

You probably hate making cold calls almost as much as the average person hates receiving them. Rockstar real estate agent and author of Kill Cold Calls, Steve Jolly, has found a better way. Listen and learn how to build your real estate business without making cold calls or buying leads on this episode of Real Estate Rockstars!

508: Close Over 100 Deals per Year and Earn Hundreds of Thousands in Commissions with Joseph Bird’s Polite Persistence

After closing more than 100 deals and earning over $475,000 in commissions last year, it’s obvious that Joseph Bird is doing several things right as an agent. Hear how Joseph’s solid work ethic helped him rise through the ranks of Eric Pakulla’s top-rated RE/MAX team and how polite persistence has helped him establish great relationships with clients over the years.

506: Drive Eager Clients to Your Door Using the Social Media Strategies of Inman Influencer Herman Chan

Stop groveling for clients! Herman Chan, an agent who made The Real Estate Influencers of 2017 list, doesn’t need to seek out business. On this podcast, Herman shares the social media strategies he’s used to become one of the industry’s most influential and sought-after agents.

504: Time Management Tips from a Dual-Career Agent: How David Greene Finds Time to Work in Real Estate and as a Full-Time Police Officer

Have you ever wondered how dual-career agents find the time to work two jobs simultaneously? David Greene, an up-and-coming agent who also works as a full-time police officer, is here to spill his time management secrets. Listen as David explains how he manages to succeed in two completely different careers without sacrificing his personal life.

505: Learn the Leadership Principles and Practices All Agents Should Know with Hans Finzel

People often wonder if leaders are born or made. According to Hans Finzel, an expert on leadership, some leaders are born, but the best leaders are often the ones who have learned how to lead. Over the course of this Real Estate Rockstars interview, Hans shares several leadership principles, like the importance of listening to followers, and provides actionable exercises agents can use to master these principles in their daily leadership practices.

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