Top 5 Real Estate Rockstar Radio Podcasts for July 2017

July’s guests on the Real Estate Rockstars podcast offered tons of actionable advice and strategies for earning more real estate commissions. Of all the episodes this month, there were 5 that really resonated with Rockstar Nation. If you haven’t heard them already, be sure to check out the most-downloaded episodes of the Pat Hiban podcast for July below!

519: How to Rank Among America’s Best Real Estate Agents with Steve Murray of REAL Trends

Want to rank among America’s best real estate agents? President of REAL Trends, Steve Murray, joins us on this episode to explain how his company ranks top agents and brokerages across the nation. Listen and learn how you can receive a prestigious REAL Trends ranking that will send eager clients your way for years to come.

522: How Rookie Rockstar Parker Pemberton Sold 80 Homes His 1st Year in Real Estate with Zillow

Are you a new agent who needs help hitting high sales numbers? If so, tune in and turn up this interview with rookie Real Estate Rockstar Parker Pemberton! In his 1st year as an agent, Parker sold 80 homes; 55 of these sales came directly from Zillow leads. Hear how he hit rockstar-level sales faster than 99% of other agents and learn a few of his tips on choosing and using the right CRM platform.

526: Maintain Top-of-Mind Awareness for $1 per Day Using Facebook Ads with John Pohly

Maintaining top-of-mind awareness with the people in your SOI doesn’t have to be expensive. For as little as $1 per day, you can reach out and touch your best business source with Facebook ads. John Pohly, author of The Ultimate Conversion Funnel Blueprint, explains exactly how to target your SOI cheaply and effectively using Facebook and a simple step-by-step system.

518: Raise Your Bottom Line with Nicole Mangina’s Referral-Based Business Model

Drastically improve your profit margin by running a referral-based real estate business! It’s low cost, low risk, and Nicole Mangina is here to help get you started. Hear how Nicole created a business that runs on referrals and what it takes to maintain it. She covers everything from generating referrals to staying top of mind with potential clients on this episode of Real Estate Rockstars.

520: Dominate Your Local Market by Learning to Leverage Online Reviews with Doren Aldana

Make your real estate business the obvious choice by obtaining more 5-star reviews than local competitors. Doren Aldana joins us to share the strategies, the sources, and the system agents need to know in order to maximize their capture rate for positive online reviews. He explains how agents can ensure potential clients see these reviews by finding and focusing on the most popular online review publishers in their area on this episode of Real Estate Rockstars.

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